Law Hawk on CBS Sunday Morning with Tribal Video

Camera Setup

Bryan Wilson—The Texas Law Hawk—is a serious attorney, but you might recognize him better from his viral legal ads. He’s a friend and a longtime client of Tribal Video.

We were excited to see Bryan be featured on this week’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning. They did a segment about the billion-dollar industry of lawyer advertising and its increasingly flashy tactics. Two Texans were highlighted, Bryan Wilson and Jim Adler.

Tribal Video Production

The segment showcases footage from several of the videos Tribal Video has produced with Bryan around Dallas-Fort Worth. Check out the video below or read the article: How lawyers' TV ads became a billion-dollar industry.


“Wilson's over-the-top ads feature jet skis and motorcycles. But the most notable difference from his predecessors? He's never paid a cent for a television commercial; his ads are all online.”

Tribal Video Is Here To Help

Watch the full Texas Law Hawk Videos on Bryan’s YouTube Channel

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