Video Services

We’re all about clear, proactive communication. By being transparent through every phase of creating your video, we can make sure the final product aligns with your vision and you walk away with something to be proud of.

Our Video Services fall into 3 major categories.

Here’s what we offer our clients, through each step of the process:


Video Planning Services


First, we'll discuss the goals you want your video to accomplish and set a shoot schedule. Then, we'll establish topics and create corresponding materials such as interview questions and scripts.

We’ll ask you a bunch of questions to understand your goals, vision, timeline, budget, and other specific needs. 

We’ll work together to coordinate a shoot date and time that works for everyone and go over anything you might need to prepare ahead of time.


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Video Production Services


This is where we shoot the video! Our videographer will bring all the equipment and gear necessary and walk you through the entire process from start to end. All you have to do is show up.

We'll get set up. This is where we make sure all the lights, audio, microphone, lenses, cameras, equipment and last but not least, people are where they need to be. Then we start rolling to capture you and your business in action.



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Video Editing Services


Finally, we put everything all together. We assemble the footage along with music, sound effects, titles and other necessary features to create your perfect video.

After you’ve given us your initial feedback, we’ll work through a couple of rounds of revisions, tweaking until the edit is just right.

Our editors will work with you to weave our footage into a final product that tells your story. We don't stop until you have a great video.


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Creating a video may require the use of special elements. Aside from using high-quality equipment and streamlined video editing, incorporating special effects, animations and elements add more pazaz to a video!

If your video requires additional effects and elements, such as voiceover, formatting, captions, special animation, and graphics, we’ll work to have these pieces created and incorporated into the final product. 


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After your video is complete, we like to stay in touch.

We want to make sure you have all the tools for success, which means knowing and understanding the most strategic ways to implement your new video and even making more down the road. We specialize in video and know enough about marketing to be dangerous. We’re happy to consult on the best ways to use video in your overall marketing strategy.

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