Video Production Checklist

Ready to make your video? Let’s get into it.

Here’s a detailed idea of our video production checklist:

Step 1. Discovery

On our initial creative call, we’ll discuss your needs and get all the relevant info, including your brand standards, logos, colors, fonts, etc. In our initial Discovery meeting, we’ll ask a handful of questions to get to know you and your business so we can create the perfect video for your needs.

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Step 2. Coordinate

It’s important to find out what time works best for everyone who'll be in front of the camera. When we find a date that works for everyone, we’ll put it on the calendar.

Be sure to coordinate with your folks to find a time when everyone is available for the shoot. Our schedule fills up quickly, so we’ll work together to identify possible available dates and keep you updated as things change. We’re all about communication.

Once we agree on a date and time, we’ll create an itinerary for the day and keep you informed about anything you need to bring, wear, or prepare. We request 50% of the total project cost upfront.

Step 3. Production

Ahead of the shoot, we’ll send you a detailed itinerary for the shoot day(s), and fill you in on everything you need to prepare, including suggestions for what to wear.

This is the shoot day. Set an expectation that not everything will go as planned and there’ll be some need for flexibility. We’re pros at improvising, so no worries.

Consider Your Script

If we need a script, you’ll write it.

No one knows your business like you do, so if your video requires a script, you or one of your colleagues will be the best person to create it. 

You can also choose to send us a bullet-point overview of what you want to say, and one of our writers will use it to create a full script before the shoot. Our hourly rate is $120, and a script typically takes about 2 hours to write.

You can use a teleprompter! No memorization necessary.

Red Camera Equipment

Step 5. Edits

We’ve got all the footage we need to create your video, and we want to get it to you ASAP. Editing is what sets us apart. We understand that high-quality editing doesn’t have to take forever. Goal: Get you a rough cut within the first week after shooting.

Step 6. Revisions

This is where you give your input. We want as much feedback as possible. Goal: We adjust for your feedback until you have the perfect video.

Tribal video is based in Texas and helps businesses create video content to help promote, advertise, explain and show case what they do.

Step 7. Completion

We’ll send you the final cut and consult with you on the best ways to use it. We also send you all your RAW footage and back it up on Dropbox. That way, you can be confident it’s there and accessible if you ever need it.

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