What Makes A Quality Video

quality video

You need a video production company that gets your goals and knows how to create the best videos to accomplish them. We’re a business-minded pack of video nerds making beautiful, effective, high-quality videos that work for your business.

One thing that puzzles most people when looking for a video production company is how to know whether you’re going to get a high-quality product for the cost. Let’s face it, video can be insanely expensive. But that doesn’t mean it should cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, with a basic understanding of the key elements that make a high-quality video, a good video production company will be able to balance your needs and budget to create a standout product for a price that makes sense. Of course, budget plays a large part in the final product. Higher budgets mean access to more resources, time, and expertise, and therefore can result in final products with higher production value. However, there are many ways to get creative with a tighter budget to create a solid video.


Here are a few key elements that make up a high-quality video:


Creating video is easier than ever with technological advancements like smartphones, but camera quality does make a difference. You can do a lot with editing and aftereffects, but it helps to have captured your footage on a professional camera.

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Lighting is one of the most important elements in getting great footage. Poor lighting can be distracting and result in not clearly capturing the subject of your video. There are many options when it comes to good lighting, including natural light, studio light, and portable lighting tools. See Image 1.2 down below for an example of studio lighting. 

Image 1.2


Production Design

Production design is the process in which a location is prepared for filming. Many different elements have to be considered, so having an experienced production designer can make a big difference in the amount of time and effort is required on the day of shooting. Even when the location is ready as-is, like in an office building, it’s important to have someone with experience in optimizing the environment for filming.

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Location is one of the most important parts of creating the right video. It’s important to plan for travel time between multiple locations when necessary. A professional video production company will know how to set up the scenery for interview shots to be visually pleasing but not distracting.

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Much of the feel of a video is determined by the movement of the camera. Different types of movement include fixed, handheld, and more high-quality, smooth types of movement created by equipment like sliders, dolly systems and gimbals. See Image 1.5 down below for an example of a dolly system.

Image 1.5



Sound quality is another important element to making a great video. External microphones are one of the keys to capturing good audio, which can set your video apart from lower-quality productions. It’s important to be able to hear everyone clearly as well as reduce any distracting background noise that may be present at the time of filming.

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Video editors use music to set the tone and establish rhythm. The type of music you use in the background can make a big difference in the overall feel and impact of your video. With many music licensing websites available online, the options are virtually endless.

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From employees and customers to on-screen actors to voice actors, people are one of the most crucial elements of your video production. For interviews or testimonials, it helps to use people who are relatively well spoken in order to reduce the number of takes.

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Every good video tells a story. Stories are compelling to the human brain. They’re how we relate to one another and create emotional connections. Whether your goal is to entertain, inform, or persuade, telling a good story is what will keep your audience engaged.

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This is the final piece of the process, where everything comes together. Editing has the power to completely dictate the story your video tells and the tone in which it is told. A skilled, creative editor will be able to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle in a way that effectively communicates the message you want to send. 

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